IKONIC CHEF is an apparel company that is committed to design, performance, and function for today's best kitchens. Our location at the foot of the Colorado Rockies inspired us to reconsider and redesign Chef wear. We work with leaders in fabric technology and designers of performance outdoor gear to produce breakthrough Chef wear that meets the challenges of modern kitchen environments. We have partnered with some of the most advanced manufacturers of fabric technology to supply a system that has been tested, optimized, and proven to keep Chefs clean and cool under pressure.


Chef Tom & Diane Coohill  

Chef Tom CoohillChef Tom Coohill is an award-winning, internationally recognized culinary innovator with a passion for authentic French cooking and a deep commitment to creativity and cutting-edge techniques.  


Diane is an ultrarunner and has managed the family business for over 30 years, growing multiple restaurants from humble beginnings to thriving establishments. Chef Tom and Diane have built successful restaurants and plan on using their industry experience to do the same with performance Chef wear.


IKONIC CHEF was born as a result of Diane and Tom's combined passion for the outdoors and performance gear. They applied the principles that they learned in the outdoor apparel industry - attention to detail, advanced technology, comfort and durability: - and applied them to Chef wear. 


With the same creative spirit, they are addressing the fast-changing performance and fashion needs of the hospitality industry. Diane After Running to the top of Grays Peak 


We know our Chefs and we know our threads, so we thought it only fair to provide all Chefs with performance apparel that they want and trust," Chef Tom said. "We offer high-level performance gear to Chefs everywhere."


We research. We develop. We deliver. All under one roof so we can efficiently serve your needs.







*Diane Coohill Atop Gray's Peak (14er)